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  1. Top M.B.A. programs are known to evaluate applicants based on their grades, test scores, work experience and essays. Sure, these programs say they value those who have performed community service or have a vision for a life of doing good. But most people assume that those qualities are secondary to the grades and test scores that play such a prominent role in institutional rankings. Dartmouth College's Tuck School of Business is trying a new approach. Last month, it announced that it would henceforth look for applicants who possess four qualities: smart, nice, accomplished and aware. Most of the attention on Tuck's list has centered on the quality of being nice -- not necessarily something associated with the cutthroat world of M.B.A. students or the business world. Luke Anthony Peña, executive director of admissions and financial aid at Tuck, said in a statement that the inclusion of nice was intentional, and related to the idea that an M.B.A. class of students should be able to work as a cohort and support one another. “What we’re looking for is emotional intelligence, empathy and respect for others,” he said. “Tuck is a distinctly collaborative community, so being able to challenge others tactfully and thoughtfully is important.” But how will niceness be determined? Being smart and being accomplished, he said, would be evaluated through traditional evaluations of grades, test scores and experiences. Niceness, he said, would come out in essays and in recommendations. The announcement prompted some wonderment on social media, with one person on Twitter saying that the obvious implication for those wanting to go to Tuck was "don't be a jerk." Tuck has followed up its original announcement with new essay prompts both for applicants and those writing letters of recommendation. In addition to fairly traditional questions about applicants' goals and how Tuck might help them, they will also be asked this question: "Tuck students are nice, and invest generously in one another’s success. Share an example of how you helped someone else succeed." Those submitting references will be asked, in additional to traditional questions, to respond to this prompt: "Tuck students are nice. Please comment on how the candidate interacts with others including when the interaction is difficult or challenging." Will the emphasis work? Will Tuck get genuinely nice people or those pretending to be nice? Chad Troutwine, co-founder and CEO of Veritas Prep, which provides high-end support to M.B.A. applicants, said he thought it would work -- primarily because Tuck has been talking about these qualities for some time, so its reputation is consistent with its new admissions approach. "Tuck has finally formalized what they’ve long valued: a community of leaders who prize empathy and emotional intelligence at least as highly as financial and strategic acumen," Troutwine said. "Those are not mutually exclusive qualities, so Tuck will likely attract even more of the high-quality applicants they seek. It’s a proud declaration of who they are." Noah Teitelbaum, executive director of pre-business programs at Manhattan Prep (part of Kaplan Test Prep), said via email that the shift at Tuck reflects an issue facing many business schools. "The image in the past has generally been that mean, less scrupulous people make it to the top," he said, and not everyone thinks that has been good for business or society. He also noted that potential M.B.A. students, perhaps more than some other applicants, think about the members of the cohort they may be joining. He said that "one factor that aspiring business school students consider when deciding where to apply to is whether that program is a good cultural fit for them and the nature of the network that they’ll gain as part of the program." He doesn't think applicants will fake being nice. "While diversity of opinion and background is really important for many students, it would make little sense to try to game the system to get into an M.B.A. program where you and your peers wouldn't at least share a core personality trait like kindness," he said. "That would result in a far from ideal experience. If a business school’s culture places a high premium on having ‘nice students,’ applicants who know their shortcomings in that area may not want to apply to that program anyway." Teitelbaum added that "being genuinely 'nice,' if you are not, is not easy to fake. You will always have some applicants who try to game the system, but admissions officers are generally experienced gatekeepers, who have a keen eye for applicants who embellish or fake their experiences or bona fides. It's likely they can spot artificial niceness, too." By Scott Jaschik July 9, 2018 https://www.insidehighered.com/admissions/article/2018/07/09/dartmouths-business-school-suggests-it-will-focus-admitting-applicants
  2. Linkovi za pristup GRE i GMAT simulacijama na našem sajtu ispravljeni su krajem juna 2018 nakon promene softvera za simulaciju. Stranica za pristup simulacijama na našem sajtu je i dalje ista - http://www.iacbg.org/sr/strane/simulacije - a ako ste sačuvali ranije verzije linkova sa sajta catprep.com izmenite ih novim verzijama. Ako imate daljih problema sa pristupom simulacijama, pošaljite nam e-mail na office@iacbg.org . Na navedenoj strani sa simulacijama dostupan vam je i link za prijavu za nabavku simulacija.
  3. [DEADLINE: July 6, 2018] The Human Resources team enthusiastically invites people from all backgrounds and experiences to apply for opportunities at U.S. Embassy Belgrade. We take great pride in our fair and transparent recruiting process, including unbiased application evaluation, anonymous testing, and impartial interviewing. All qualified applicants are encouraged to consider a career at the U.S. Embassy. The Human Resources Office (HR) manages recruiting for the U.S. Embassy with exception of USAID (Agency for International Development). USAID recruitment can be found at https://www.usaid.gov/work-usaid. The Belgrade Human Resources Office can be reached at BelgradeHRO@state.gov. Opportunities are advertised on the embassy’s website, as well as announced in relevant newspapers, trade publications, and university bulletins. Each vacancy announcement describes the position, outlines the qualifications, notes the application deadline, and explains how to apply. Applicants must either be permanent residents permitted to work in Serbia, or Eligible Family Members of U.S. Direct Hires posted to Serbia. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) The U.S. Embassy provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation. The Department of State also strives to achieve equal employment opportunity in all personnel operations through continuing diversity enhancement programs and does not favor an applicant more due to associations with State colleagues. Embassy Recruiting Process A new application is required for each vacancy announcement. After the vacancy announcement closes, HR reviews all applications and forwards those which are complete, eligible, and qualified to the employing office. The employing office ranks and short-lists candidates for pre-interview testing. HR may test language proficiency and position-required skill competency. All testing is completed and scored HR forwards applications with successful test results back to the employing office. The employing office ranks and selects candidates for interview. Interviews are conducted by the employing office, an impartial interviewer from a different office, and an HR official. It is highly preferable to conduct interviews in person at the embassy. On very rare occasions interviews may be conducted by video conference. The hiring manager, with feedback from all interview participants, ranks the top several applicants. Beginning with the top-ranked applicant, HR will contact applicants in rank-order until a conditional offer is accepted. Usually the recruiting process takes about two months from the vacancy close. During the recruiting process HR will contact short-listed candidates. If you do not hear from HR within two months of the vacancy announcement closing date, you may assume that your application has been unsuccessful. Your Application Complete form DS-174 (PDF 604 KB) in English (Application for Employment as a Locally Employed Staff or Family Member). Boxes “1” and “2” (Vacancy Announcement Number and position title) are required if noted in the Vacancy Announcement. The application instructions are on the final page. Only completed applications will be considered. Summarize all prior work experience and dates worked. Briefly describe relevant work experience, education, knowledge, skills, and abilities relevant to the job requirements. For positions with divided duties, approximate the percentage of time spent in each area of responsibility to total 100%. You may include your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume in English. Please do not include photographs of yourself, your age, or any information about your marital or familial status. These are never considered in applications for employment at the U.S. Embassy. Provide proof of legal right to work in Serbia: – Copies of proof of your legal right to work in Serbia such as ID card or Serbian passport. Finalists will be asked to provide, prior to an interview, their original documentation of their legal right to work in Serbia. – OR: Evidence of U.S. citizen Eligible Family Member (USEFM) Preference (such as copy of your sponsor’s orders). On a separate piece of paper, list three (3) references with contact information and their relationship to you. References may not include family members or close relatives. On a separate piece of paper, list your current and prior employer (s) and supervisor(s) contact information. While supervisors may be contacted after an offer is made, no supervisor will be contacted without the applicant’s prior permission. On a separate piece of paper, list all relatives and associates working for the U.S. government. If required, include copies of relevant documents to the application package (degrees, transcripts, language test scores, certificates, etc.). For positions that require a driver’s license, include a copy of your valid driver’s license. Please read and understand the Declaration in Section 6 prior to checking the box. Please email if possible, otherwise mail your application no later than midnight of the closing date as published in the vacancy announcement. If sent by mail, all applications must be post-marked before or on the closing date to be considered. By email: belgradehro@state.gov Subject: Position Title, Surname By mail:U.S. Embassy Human Resources Office – Recruiting Bulevar kneza Aleksandra Karadjordjevica 92 11000 Beograd, Srbija Contact Human Resources with questions: Embassy operator: +381 11 706-4000 (ask for HR office) Direct numbers: +381 11 706-4266, 706-4574, 706-4138, 706-4165 Fax: +381 11 706-4005 Email: BelgradeHRO@state.gov https://rs.usembassy.gov/embassy/jobs/
  4. The application for fall 2018 courses closes on June 25, 2018 The American English (AE) E-Teacher Scholarship Program offers foreign English teaching professionals the opportunity to take university-level professional development courses through various university partners in the United States. The AE E-Teacher Program is funded by the U.S. Department of State and administered by FHI 360. All AE E-Teacher courses use the latest in instructional technology to provide participants with an interactive distance-learning experience, and are designed to familiarize participating teachers with current methods and issues in the field of English as a Foreign Language. The AE E-Teacher Program also connects participants with U.S. English language teaching experts and creates a professional network of international colleagues. Fall 2018 E-Teachers course offerings (course descriptions): Teaching Grammar Communicativelyby World Learning Integrating Critical Thinking into the Exploration of Culture in an EFL Settingby World Learning Using Educational Technology in the English Language Classroomby Iowa State University Teaching English to Young Learnersby George Mason University Professional Development for Teacher Trainersby Arizona State University Content Based Instruction by World Learning TESOL Methodology by University of Baltimore Maryland County Participant Eligibility Requirements Application Form If you need additional information or have any questions, please contact us at BelgradeEL@state.gov https://rs.usembassy.gov/fall-2018-e-teacher-scholarship-program/
  5. [Southeastern Louisiana university] volleyball team signed an incoming freshman and a transfer player to its 2018-2019 roster. Junior Tijana “Jo” Simovic from Garden City Community College and freshman Amanda Caluda from Northshore High School have joined the Lady Lions for next fall. According to Assistant Coach Alison Chevalier, both players are “definitely going to make an immediate impact this season.” A native of Serbia, Simovic played for two community colleges prior to her start at the university. Last season, she made 83 kills and 39 blocks within 34 matches. Chevalier described how Simovic’s talent will boost the energy for this season. “She’s extremely explosive in the front row and has lots of control,” said Chevalier. “She’s going to come into our program and bring some immediate experience and some fire that we’re really going to need coming into this 2018 season.” Chevalier also discussed Caluda’s attributes on the court. “She is a back-row player, super scrappy, and she’s the kind of kid that’s just going to be a really good defensive powerhouse for us in the back row,” said Chevalier. According to Chevalier, the recruitment process for transfer players and incoming freshmen differs. She explained how there’s “less uncertainty” with a transfer player due to more collegiate experience. “We had Jo on campus,” said Chevalier. “She kind of knew right away that this was the place she wanted to be. With incoming freshmen, it’s usually a little bit more of a longer process. They want to go and make sure they’re visiting a lot of different schools so that they don’t make the wrong decision.” Chevalier stated that although the team is looking for new recruits, the selection process is meticulous. “We want to get the kind of players that are going to come in, make a difference, improve the program and get us going in the right direction,” said Chevalier. “So, we are being a little bit picky, a little bit choosy, and we’re really getting to know the players’ characters and how they are athletically and physically.” Both Simovic and Caluda will undertake workout packets during the summer prior to joining the rest of the team in the preseason on Aug. 6. Following a 3-27 record last season, Chevalier explained the aspects of practice and pregame time that will change to improve the program. “We’re making some cultural changes in our program as a whole, just to have a little more of a mindset of a winning attitude and a little bit more discipline,” said Chevalier. “There’s some new traditions that we’re going to start up coming in this season to make sure that we don’t have a repeat of last year’s record and we’re going forward in the right direction.” http://www.lionsroarnews.com/news/view.php/1033970/Recruits-to-the-volleyball-program-bring
  6. EDWARDSVILLE – Serbian tennis player Tamara Klimek had what she felt was a “solid” effort Sunday morning in winning the women’s singles championship of the Edwardsville Open tennis tournament at the Edwardsville High School tennis complex, defeating Edwardsville’s Chloe Trimpe 6-0, 6-0 to win the title. “It was good, I played really well,” Klimek, who hails from Novi Sad, Serbia, and currently plays as a graduate student at Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis County, said. “I think I was solid, but it was a good match; (Trimpe) was good as well.” Klimek just finished her first year of post-graduate studies at Missouri Baptist in counseling; she graduated from Caldwell University in Caldwell, N.J., near New York City. It was her first time playing at the EHS center. “It’s really nice here,” Klimek said of the facility, “better than some colleges. “I saw this tournament and I wanted to play a little bit; I liked it, it was fun.” Klimek plans playing next year as a graduate student at Missouri Baptist; after winning the tournament, she was going to head home to visit with family in Novi Sad. “I’m going home next week for a little break, then come back in August,” Klimek said. by Brent Feeney https://www.riverbender.com/articles/details/serbian-klimek-wins-womens-singles-title-at-edwardsville-open-29048.cfm
  7. Studiranje u Americi i na mnogim drugim lokacijama u svetu gde je engleski jezik instrukcija na univerzitetima za većinu studenata počinje od prijemnih testova. Mnogo je nepoznatih stvari koje okružuju test i često nije lako saznati prave informacije samostalno. Predavači Centra će vam pokazati da u pripremi za test nema misterija i da je moguće savladati svaki od njih. Pozivamo vas da učestvujete na prvom besplatnom savetovanju o testovima SAT, ACT i TOEFL na kojem će biti reči o tome šta se testira pred odlazak na osnovne studije u Americi, koji su zahtevi testova i odakle početi pripremu. Naravno, čekamo i vaša pitanja i spremni smo da odgovorimo na njih! Šta: Besplatno savetovanje o testovima SAT, ACT, TOEFL Gde: Međunarodni akademski centar, Dečanska 8, prvi sprat Kada: Subota, 23. jun 2018., od 17:00 Prijava: https://goo.gl/forms/MY7m89tY8HfLC0Uv2 Sva pitanja o savetovanju pošaljite nam na office@iacbg.org ili nazovite kancelariju tokom radnog vremena.
  8. The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence ACTORE (The Antwerp Consortium on the Organization of Rulemaking and Multi-level Governance in Europe) at the University of Antwerp seeks expressions of interests from potential postdoctoral researchers wishing to apply for a Marie Sklodowka Individual European Fellowship. Selected candidates will receive dedicated support from one or more of the ACTORE professors (depending on the topic of the application) to develop their proposal and application for submission to the European Commission on 12 September 2018 (17.00 o’clock Brussels local time). Involved professors are: • for ACIM (Antwerp Centre for Institutions and Multilevel Politics): Jan Beyers, Peter Bursens, Dirk De Bièvre • for PA&M (Public Administration & Management): Koen Verhoest, Wouter Van Dooren • For G&L (Government & Law): Patricia Popelier, Johan Meeusen, Esther van Zimmeren ACTORE brings together scholars from 3 research groups: law (G&L), public administration (PA&M) and political science (ACIM), with multidisciplinary expertise in multi-level and multi-actor organization of the EU. More details on ACTORE and the research groups can be found on www.actore.eu . Only postdoctoral candidates with a good track record in terms of research and publications are asked to apply. The Marie Sklodowka Curie Individual Actions (MSCA) are prestigious fellowships funded by the European Commission. They offer a generous allowance for 1-3 years including mobility, family and research allowance. Applicants can be from any country, must hold a PhD (or equivalent), and must not have resided or carried out their main activity in Belgium for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the MCIF deadline on 12 September 2018. For more information about these fellowships see in attach and onhttps://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/desktop/en/opportunities/h2020/topics/msca-if-2018.html How to apply? Candidates are invited to submit their Expression of Interest to peter.bursens@uantwerpen.be by 10 July 2018. • The Expression of Interest should include 1) Your CV limited to a maximum of 5 pages 2) A 2-3 page research proposal 3) a motivation letter identifying research synergies with ACTORE members. Please see the document in attach for more details. • Results will be announced by 17 July 2018. Please note: You are sending an Expression of Interest that you wish to work with us to apply for a Marie Sklodowka Curie Fellowship. You are not applying for a University of Antwerp Fellowship.
  9. JOB DESCRIPTION Status: private sector tenure-track Assistant Professor Discipline: Political science Profile: The position open in the Department of Political Science is intended to strengthen both the research conducted on the European integration process at the Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics (CEE) and the course offerings on European issues at Sciences Po. DUTIES Research In a context of multiple crises (economic and migration crisis, Brexit, tensions surrounding the rise of so-called “illiberal” democracies), the future and the transformations of the European Union (EU) are being widely discussed. It is therefore an academic priority for the CEE, and more broadly for Sciences Po, to hire a research professor working on the institutional and political dynamics of the EU. This research must specifically focus on the EU and address at least one of the following subjects: • Decision-making processes and institutional dynamics of the European Union • The evolution of European Union governance • Democracy, rule of law and values of the European Union Besides the quality and international scope of the research conducted, it is expected that the candidate demonstrate an ability to contribute to academic debates about current European integration challenges. Teaching Annual teaching duties are 128 master class-equivalent (CM) hours that can be divided into three 24-hour master classes and 56 CM hours of complementary pedagogical services (1 CM hour = 6.3 hours) across the three levels of education offered at Sciences Po, including its undergraduate program (on one of Sciences Po’s seven campuses: Dijon, Le Havre, Menton, Nancy, Paris, Poitiers and Reims) and masters (particularly at the School of Public Affairs and the Urban School). During the first three tenure-track years, assistant professors’ annual duty is 88 CM hours (2 24-hour courses and 40 hours of pedagogical services). Candidates must have a command of English since they will need to teach in this language. As part of its gender equality policy, Sciences Po encourages female candidacies. RECRUITMENT PROCESS A PhD is required of all candidates. Applications must be electronically submitted before 31 August 2018 to the following address: recruitment.cee@sciencespo.fr. The application must include the following documents: • A cover letter with a presentation of the research projects that the candidate intends to pursue; • A CV and complete list of publications; • 3 prominent publications; • A synopsis and, if possible, evaluations for courses taught. The selection committee will examine all the applications and preselect 3-4 candidates who will be invited to present their research to the academic community during a Job Talk at Sciences Po. The expected start date is, if feasible, February 2019. UNIT OF AFFILIATION, CONTACTS Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics (UMR 8239) http://www.sciencespo.fr/centre-etudes-europeennes/en The CEE is a multidisciplinary laboratory devoted to comparative political analysis. CONTACTS President of the selection committee: Florence Haegel, Professor at Sciences Po Director of the Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics florence.haegel@sciencespo.fr ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACTS Linda Amrani, General Secretary linda.amrani@sciencespo.fr Silvia Duerich-Morandi, Executive Assistant silvia.duerichmorandi@sciencespo.fr https://www.sciencespo.fr/centre-etudes-europeennes/sites/sciencespo.fr.centre-etudes-europeennes/files/Position_European integration_CEE.pdf
  10. Dublin City University - School of History and Geography Qualification type: PhD Location: Dublin Funding for: UK Students, EU Students, International Students Funding amount: 15,000 plus fee waiver Hours: Full Time Placed on: 19th April 2018 Closes: 14th June 2018 Funding for: Irish Students; UK Students, EU Students, International Students Funding amount: €15,000 (£13,080 converted salary*) plus fee waiver (Total value €21,000- €27,000) The School of History and Geography at Dublin City University is a research active school with a vigorous faculty willing to supervise PhD students on topics in their areas of research expertise. DCU is ranked as one of the top 100 universities under 50 as per Times Higher Education. The School of History and Geography is a new school in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science whose staff possess a strong research track record in Irish and European History, the historical Geography of Ireland, social and physical Geography and geopolitics. The School offers a full-time four-year PhD programme with a range of taught courses in the first year and further professional training in other years. We invite applicants willing to undertake PhD research in any area of Irish History, Environmental History, the History of Science and Medicine, Modern European History (particularly the history of Eastern Europe in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries); and Irish urban or rural historical Geography, Irish geomorphology, Irish water resources, remote sensing and geopolitics. Outstanding candidates will be offered scholarships valued between €21,000 and €27,000, which covers all tuition fees, (EU or non-EU), plus an annual stipend for living expenses of €15,000pa, (which is usually tax free, after some Revenue formalities) for up to 4 years, subject to satisfactory academic progress, which will be reviewed annually. As well as a tax-free stipend, we may support our students with limited funding for conference and research travel. The School also provides its PhD students opportunity to participate in the teaching of the School. Prospective applicants are requested to make informal contact with the member of staff whose research area covers their proposed doctoral work in advance of an application. For faculty research interests, see: www.dcu.ie/history_geography/people/index.shtml Following informal consultation with the relevant staff member, applicants should send a full CV with contact details for 2 referees, the grades achieved in their undergraduate, and, where pertinent, their Masters’ degree with copies of transcripts, and a research proposal (c. 2000 words). Candidates should also indicate their prospective supervisor. Applications should be sent, by email, to james.kelly@dcu,ie by 14 June 2018. Successful candidates will be required to apply formally to be admitted as PhD students by the University. They may also need to show proficiency in the English language. Successful candidates will begin their studies in late September 2018 and are expected to be normally resident in Dublin for the duration of the programme. https://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/BJF699/phd-studentships-in-history-and-geography
  11. Specijalna intenzivna priprema za SAT organizuje se u Centru od 10. jula 2018. do 8. avgusta 2018. SAT je jedan od ispita koje srednjoškolci širom sveta polažu tokom procesa upisa koledža i univerziteta u Sjedinjenim Američkim Državama i na drugim lokacijama. Nastava u okviru specijalne pripreme odvija se utorkom, sredom i četvrtkom, od 14:00 do 17:00. Osim materijala za vežbanje na časovima i kod kuće i udžbenika, polaznicima priprema obezbeđene su dve praktične simulacije koje će biti ocenjene. Priprema se sastoji od 47 sati rada i vežbanja tokom četiri sedmice. Ukupna cena priprema iznosi 61,000 dinara i plaća se u dve rate. Prva rata u iznosu od 35,000 dinara plaća se na početku priprema, a ostatak se uplaćuje na polovini priprema. Naredno polaganje SAT General testa održava se u oktobru na lokacijama širom sveta. Podsećamo vas da je kalendar polaganja ovog testa u nastupajućoj školskoj godini dostupan na stranici http://www.collegeboard.org . Na toj istoj stranici se plaća test i rezerviše mesto na ispitu. Za pripremu se možete prijaviti online na lokaciji https://goo.gl/forms/8ndGsYSh84EIGKcu1, pozivom na brojeve 011/334 9639, 011/334 9638, 065/334 9639 tokom radnog vremena ili lično u Centru, u Dečanskoj 8, prvi sprat. Pitanja o pripremama možete nam poslati i na office@iacbg.org .
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    Intenzivna SAT priprema od 10. jula 2018.

    Specijalna intenzivna priprema za SAT organizuje se u Centru od 10. jula 2018. do 8. avgusta 2018. SAT je jedan od ispita koje srednjoškolci širom sveta polažu tokom procesa upisa koledža i univerziteta u Sjedinjenim Američkim Državama i na drugim lokacijama. Nastava u okviru specijalne pripreme odvija se utorkom, sredom i četvrtkom, od 14:00 do 17:00. Osim materijala za vežbanje na časovima i kod kuće i udžbenika, polaznicima priprema obezbeđene su dve praktične simulacije koje će biti ocenjene. Priprema se sastoji od 47 sati rada i vežbanja tokom četiri sedmice. Ukupna cena priprema iznosi 61,000 dinara i plaća se u dve rate. Prva rata u iznosu od 35,000 dinara plaća se na početku priprema, a ostatak se uplaćuje na polovini priprema. Naredno polaganje SAT General testa održava se u oktobru na lokacijama širom sveta. Podsećamo vas da je kalendar polaganja ovog testa u nastupajućoj školskoj godini dostupan na stranici http://www.collegeboard.org . Na toj istoj stranici se plaća test i rezerviše mesto na ispitu. Za pripremu se možete prijaviti online na lokaciji https://goo.gl/forms/8ndGsYSh84EIGKcu1, pozivom na brojeve 011/334 9639, 011/334 9638, 065/334 9639 tokom radnog vremena ili lično u Centru, u Dečanskoj 8, prvi sprat. Pitanja o pripremama možete nam poslati i na office@iacbg.org .
  13. Novi kurs za pripremu TOEFL iBT u Centru počinje u sredu, 30. maja 2018. godine i traje do 6. jula 2018. Kandidate za polaganje u našem programu pripreme očekuje tri sata rada sa predavačem svake nedelje, vežbanje na časovima i kod kuće uz kombinaciju najboljeg materijala za rad na sekcijama čitanja, slušanja, govora i pisanja. Simulacije kompletnog testa sa ocenjivanjem učinka na govoru i pisanju su obezbeđene za polaznike kursa. Pre početka priprema poželjno je obaviti besplatni probni test znanja engleskog jezika. Za zakazivanje ovog testa kontaktirajte Centar tokom radnog vremena. Test traje 90 minuta i od koristi je kandidatima i predavačima da steknu uvid u nivo znanja jezika koji imaju pred sam početak priprema. Predavanja se odvijaju sredom i petkom. Cena programa iznosi 20,000 dinara. Časovi se obavljaju navedenim danima od 10:00 ili od 18:00 - sami kandidati biraju koji im termin odgovara. Prijava za pripreme obavlja se na našoj Internet stranici - https://goo.gl/forms/8ndGsYSh84EIGKcu1 . Prijava za sam test nije obuhvaćena cenom priprema i kandidati moraju da je obave samostalno na stranici http://www.toefl.org . Molimo vas da obratite pažnju na kalendar dostupnih datuma za polaganje TOEFL-a koji se nalazi na zvaničnom sajtu testa i da se prijavite što je pre moguće pošto mesta u Beogradu i drugim gradovima Srbije mogu biti popunjena nedeljama unapred. Uputstvo za prijavu testa dostupno je na našem sajtu - http://iacbg.org/dokumenta/original/toefl_instrukcije.ppsx . Pošaljite nam e-mail na office@iacbg.org ako imate pitanja.
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    Priprema za TOEFL od 30. maja 2018.

    Novi kurs za pripremu TOEFL iBT u Centru počinje u sredu, 30. maja 2018. godine i traje do 6. jula 2018. Kandidate za polaganje u našem programu pripreme očekuje tri sata rada sa predavačem svake nedelje, vežbanje na časovima i kod kuće uz kombinaciju najboljeg materijala za rad na sekcijama čitanja, slušanja, govora i pisanja. Simulacije kompletnog testa sa ocenjivanjem učinka na govoru i pisanju su obezbeđene za polaznike kursa. Pre početka priprema poželjno je obaviti besplatni probni test znanja engleskog jezika. Za zakazivanje ovog testa kontaktirajte Centar tokom radnog vremena. Test traje 90 minuta i od koristi je kandidatima i predavačima da steknu uvid u nivo znanja jezika koji imaju pred sam početak priprema. Predavanja se odvijaju sredom i petkom. Cena programa iznosi 20,000 dinara. Časovi se obavljaju navedenim danima od 10:00 ili od 18:00 - sami kandidati biraju koji im termin odgovara. Prijava za pripreme obavlja se na našoj Internet stranici - https://goo.gl/forms/8ndGsYSh84EIGKcu1 . Prijava za sam test nije obuhvaćena cenom priprema i kandidati moraju da je obave samostalno na stranici http://www.toefl.org . Molimo vas da obratite pažnju na kalendar dostupnih datuma za polaganje TOEFL-a koji se nalazi na zvaničnom sajtu testa i da se prijavite što je pre moguće pošto mesta u Beogradu i drugim gradovima Srbije mogu biti popunjena nedeljama unapred. Uputstvo za prijavu testa dostupno je na našem sajtu - http://iacbg.org/dokumenta/original/toefl_instrukcije.ppsx . Pošaljite nam e-mail na office@iacbg.org ako imate pitanja.
  15. CALL FOR APPLICATIONS 2019/2020 ADVANCED ACADEMIA FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMME FOR INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARS (SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES) With the support of a donor within the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft and the Fritz-Thyssen Foundation The Centre for Advanced Study Sofia (CAS Sofia) announces a Call for Applications for its 2019/2020 In-Residence Advanced Academia Fellowships for fundamental research in the fields of the humanities and the social sciences. OBJECTIVE CAS Sofia is an independent Institute with international and multidisciplinary profile. Located in Sofia, Bulgaria, it promotes high-level scholarship in the social sciences and the humanities. In addition to supporting focus-group research, CAS Sofia invites outstanding scholars to pursue their individual research projects during in-residence periods of up to five months. The invited Fellows participate in the intellectual life and the scholarly community of the Centre (Bulgarian and foreign fellows) while working on projects of their own choice. Fellows receive adequate material and intellectual support and can profit from the Centre's wide international networks, international seminar- and guest-lecturer programme. CAS Sofia assists Fellows in all practical matters concerning travel, residence and research in Sofia. FORMAT CAS Sofia provides in-residence fellowships of two- to five- month duration to post-doctoral non-Bulgarian researchers. Junior as well as Senior scholars are invited to apply. The selected Fellows are entitled to: A monthly stipend of 700 euro* (liable to 10% income tax) to cover living expenses related to the stay in Sofia. Accommodation in Sofia, comprising living quarters and working space. The Fellows will also have free access to the CAS library and electronic resources/databases. Travel allowance (up to 400 euro); Research expenses (up to 500 Euro). DURATION AND CONDITIONS Candidates may apply for two periods: 1 March 2019 - 31 July 2019 (Summer semester) 1 October 2019 - 28 February 2020 (Winter semester) N.B. The final invitation for fellowship depends on the ranking of the application and the preferred period. Availability for both periods is an advantage for the applicant. Please, indicate in the application form whether you prefer one or either period. The selected Fellows shall take part in the regular Fellow seminars and the other scientific events organized by the Centre (workshops, conferences, lectures, etc.) and present their project in lectures or seminars. The results of their work shall be summarized in a paper (in English), to be published in the electronic CAS Working Paper Series. ELIGIBILITY Candidates must: Be non-Bulgarian citizens; Have completed a PhD in the fields of the humanities and the social sciences; International research experience (participation in projects and refereed conferences) and publications in peer-reviewed academic editions are strong advantages. WORKING LANGUAGE As an international academic institution CAS conducts most of its work in English, which is also the language of the fellow seminars. Therefore, a good command of English is required. APPLICATION Links for downloading: Application Form Reference Form Application Checklist Please carefully consider the former two documents when preparing your application. For Junior scholars (up to 8 years after PhD defense**) only: two letters of recommendation by scholars familiar with the applicant’s academic work should be emailed to CAS by the referees. All application documents should be presented in English and sent by e-mail to dimov@cas.bg with a subject entry “Advanced Academia Fellowships.” Deadline for applications: May 31, 2018 SELECTION CRITERIA High quality of the candidate's academic portfolio and publications, participation in international research; Innovative fundamental research proposal with significant contribution; Interdisciplinary and/or comparative approaches are an advantage. SELECTION PROCEDURE The selection will be carried out by the international Academic Council of CAS based on evaluation of the potential of the candidate relative to his/her career stage and the quality of the proposed project. Short-listed candidates will be invited for an on-line interview. The results will be announced in November 2018 by e-mail and at the website of the institute: http://www.cas.bg/. Members of the CAS Academic Council do not disclose to candidates their assessment reports. The Academic Council reserves the right, in cases of candidatures with equal assessment, to give preferentiality to candidates who have not been CAS Fellows during the preceding 5 years or have already been granted two CAS fellowships. CONTACT PERSON AND MAILING ADDRESS Mr. Dimiter Dimov, e-mail: dimov@cas.bg Centre for Advanced Study Sofia; Sofia 1000, 7-B, Stefan Karadja Str, tel.: + 359 2 9803704 / fax: + 359 2 9803662 ------------------------------------------- * The amount is consistent with the prices in Bulgaria and is sufficient to cover the living costs of the fellows. ** Extensions to this period may be allowed in case of eligible career breaks which must be properly documented (maternity leave, long-term illness leave, national service, etc.).
  16. administrator

    UK: Research Fellow in Mathematics

    Research Fellow in Mathematics Ref 3077 School/department: School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences Hours: Full time Contract: Fixed term for three years (01 September 2018 to 31 August 2021) Reference: 3077 Salary: Starting at £32,548 and rising to £38,833 per annum Placed on: 11 April 2018 Closing date: 31 May 2018. Applications must be received by midnight of the closing date. Expected interview date: 14 June 2018 Expected start date: 01 September 2018 Job description Bayesian Inference and Approximations of High-Dimensional Network Models We seek to hire a highly motivated and talented Postdoctoral Research Fellow on a fixed term 3-year full-time position starting 1st of September 2018. This is a highly desirable position funded by the Leverhulme Trust research project grant (RPG-2017-370: Bayesian Inference and Approximations of High-Dimensional Network Models). The use of networks to model complex systems has revolutionised the way in which brains, epidemics, social interactions and more generally the flow of information are modelled. However, many of the resulting mathematical models suffer from high model dimensionality and therefore limited analytical tractability, sensitivity to incomplete information about the network, and inaccuracies due to simplifying assumptions or approximations. The aim of this research is to develop a new modelling paradigm that will tackle these challenges as well as offer several other major benefits. This paradigm relies on the specification of a new class of parametric models that are flexible enough to handle networks currently out of reach of state-of-the-art models. The inference of the parameters is formulated as Bayesian inverse problems, which in turn makes it possible to rigorously quantify the uncertainty introduced by simplifying assumptions and incomplete network data. This research will seek to harness a novel combination of techniques from stochastic analysis, partial differential equations (PDEs) and uncertainty quantification and could prove a step change in the ability of network science to deal with real-world applications. The Research Fellow will play a key role in the formulation and numerical solution of Bayesian inverse problems in the context of stochastic epidemics on networks. This will ultimately be used to infer networks and their structure from simulated or real outbreak data.
Furthermore, the post-holder will contribute to the development of rigorous uncertainty quantification for the estimated parameters, as well as for quantifying the uncertainty induced by simplifying assumptions such as closures. The post is part of a larger project funded by the Leverhulme Trust which involves a PhD Student and a Teaching Fellow. The post-holder will work closely with the principal investigator Prof Istvan Kiss and co-investigators Dr Masoumeh Dashti and Dr Luc Berthouze at University of Sussex and Prof Andrew Stuart at Caltech. The fellowship provides full support that includes salary (this will be set according to skills and abilities of successful candidate) and support for research activities. The successful candidate will benefit from interactions with leading applied mathematicians within the Department of Mathematics and research project collaborators in the UK and USA. The candidate will pursue independent research in a fast emerging field and will acquire advanced mathematical and computational techniques in areas such as Inverse Problems, Bayesian Inference, Uncertainty Quantification and numerical methods for stochastic processes on networks. Enquiries: All enquiries should be directed to Prof Istvan Kiss (i.z.kiss@sussex.ac.uk) and Dr Masoumeh Dashti (M.Dashti@sussex.ac.uk) The School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences is committed to equality and valuing diversity, and currently holds an Athena SWAN Bronze Award. Download job description and person specification Ref 3077 [PDF 195.71KB] How to apply Download our academic post application form [DOC 301.50KB] and personal details and equal opportunities form [DOC 162.50KB] and fill in all sections. Prospective candidates should hold a PhD in Mathematics/Statistics/Physics, and have a strong background in either Bayesian Inference, Inverse Problems or Uncertainty Quantification with expertise in complex systems being a bonus. Candidates should include in their application the following: Academic CV Official academic transcripts Contact details for two suitable referees A personal statement (500 words maximum) outlining their suitability for the position and research experience to date relevant to the project Application form Email your completed application, and personal details and equal opportunities form, to mpsrecruitment@sussex.ac.uk You should attach your application form and all documents to the email (don't use a web-based upload/weblink service) and use the format job reference number / job title / your name in the subject line. You can also send your application by post to Human Resources Division, Sussex House, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton, BN1 9RH. Download our terms and conditions summary for Research Faculty Terms and Conditions [DOC 36.00KB]
  17. Job Reference : SRF22819 Location : Whiteknights Reading UK Closing Date : 21/05/2018 Live Date : 12/04/2018 Salary : £39,992 to £49,149 per annum Employment Type : AR-Academic (Lecturer) School / Function : School of Mathematical Physical & Computational Sciences Department : Mathematics & Statistics Hours Per week : 1.00 FTE Contract Duration : Full-time,Permanent The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Reading invites applications for a permanent Lectureship (equivalent of North American Assistant Professorship) in any area of Applied Mathematics or Statistics. While the primary criterion for selection will be the excellence of the candidate’s research track record and potential, we would be particularly keen to make an appointment that would align with and complement our existing research strengths. You will have: A PhD (or equivalent) in Mathematics, Statistics, or a closely related discipline; A strong international research reputation supported by a track record of excellent publications; A clear potential to develop an independent research programme supported by external funding; Commitment and ability to deliver high quality undergraduate teaching and postgraduate supervision. Mathematics and Statistics at Reading has an excellent research record, with 86% of our research recognised as World Leading or Internationally Excellent in the most recent (2014) Research Excellence Framework assessment. A large part of our current research interests are at the interface of pure and applied areas, with research groups in: Applied and Methodological Statistics Theoretical and Computational Soft Matter and Polymer Physics Data Assimilation and Inverse Problems Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Mathematical Biology Mathematics of Climate Number Theory Numerical Analysis and Computational Modelling Pure and Applicable Analysis, including Nonlinear PDEs and Spectral Theory Statistical Mechanics, Probability and Stochastic Analysis We have strong interdisciplinary links, through our Centre for Mathematics of Human Behaviour, our Centre for Mathematics of Planet Earth, and several joint appointments with our world-leading Department of Meteorology. We are 50-50 partners in an EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in 'Mathematics of Planet Earth', with Imperial College London, and also participate in the NERC funded Centre for Doctoral Training in Modelling and Quantitative Skills in Ecology and Evolution, in which the University of Reading is also a partner with Imperial College. For further information about the department see www.reading.ac.uk/maths-and-stats/, and about the wider School of Mathematical, Physical and Computational Sciences see http://www.reading.ac.uk/smpcs-home.aspx. The University aspires to be an “Employer of Choice” and recognises that success is not simply determined by a competitive suite of terms and conditions of service, but by fostering a working environment that protects the physical and mental well-being of its staff. Full details of the University's Health and Well-being policy are available through the HR website. The School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (as it was then) was awarded an Athena SWAN Silver award in 2010, renewed in 2014 and again in November 2017, in recognition of its good employment practices in relation to women working in science, engineering and technology (SET) . The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is also a registered supporter of the LMS “Advancing Women in Mathematics” good practice scheme, see http://www.lms.ac.uk/women/good-practice-scheme for details. The University is a Stonewall Diversity Champion and is participating in Stonewall’s 2015 Workplace Equality Index. Informal contact details Alternative informal contact details Contact role: Head of Department Contact role: Research Division Leader Contact name: Dr Stephen Langdon Contact name: Professor Michael Levitin Contact phone: +44 (0)118 378 5021 Contact phone: +44(0)118 378 8997 Contact email: s.langdon@reading.ac.uk Contact email: m.levitin@reading.ac.uk Interviews will be held in July, date to be confirmed. The University is committed to having a diverse and inclusive workforce, is a Stonewall Diversity and Global Diversity Champion, and supports the principles of the Race Equality Charter and Athena SWAN. Applications for job-share, part-time and flexible working arrangements are welcomed and will be considered in line with business needs. Job Description and Person Specification - SRF22819;
  18. The Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI), based in l'Aquila, Italy, offers 8 post-graduate training to obtain Ph.D degrees in Applied Mathematics. The PhD programs last four years. The Academic Year will start on November 1st 2018. GSSI awards scholarships until the thesis dissertation and for a maximum of four years. The yearly amount of the scholarship is of 16.159,91 Euro gross. An additional 50% on monthly basis may be awarded for research period aboard if approved by the GSSI. Official language of the PhD Programs: English. Facilities and benefits - all PhD students will have free accommodation at the GSSI guest house and, starting from the second year, another accommodation or a financial substitute of 350,00 Euros gross/month (to obtain the contribution, the students would have to present a rental agreement in L'Aquila); - all PhD students will have free luncheon vouchers (1 per day, working days, except school closures, missions, other situations contemplated by the GSSI rules); - all PhD students will have tuition fees waived; - all PhD students will be covered by insurance against any accident and/or injury that may occur while carrying out their PhD activities For details see the webpage http://www.gssi.infn.it/phd/ Deadline: June 20, 2018
  19. Andrija Martinovic looked skyward and screamed. The Bozeman senior’s bellow echoed across Montana State’s Bobcat-Anderson Tennis Complex on Thursday afternoon after his overhead smash slammed into the net. Martinovic, who was competing in the Southern AA Divisional semifinal with partner Jackson Pedersen, knew he had squandered an opportunity to break Helena’s serve to begin the second set. Frustration simmered. Moments later, however, the Serbian smirked after delivering one of his many impressive hits during the straight-sets victory. He was playing forward when a return bounded off the top of the net and over his left shoulder. Martinovic twisted, lunged backward and swatted a cross-court, backhand winner. He collected himself after the point and he and Pedersen cruised to a 6-0 victory after dropping three games in the first set. They will play in the final this morning. A pair that’s only been playing together for three weeks quickly has ascended by virtue of their individual skills. Their on-court chemistry, though, may lift them to a state title. “We have fun on the court,” said Pedersen, who was often animated after Martinovic delivered booming forehand winners or aces. “Both of us have (anger) issues, but once we get past that, then we’re good.” Martinovic preferred a bigger declaration. “I don’t want to be cocky, but I think we’re the best team in the whole state,” the exchange student said. “We can win the state, easily.” It’s hard to dispute his claim when he and Pedersen both possess dominant serves, powerful ground strokes and are exceptional athletes. Martinovic, who lived in Indiana last semester, said he’s been playing tennis since he was 4 in addition to playing soccer. He’s also a mixed martial artist and surfer. Pedersen won the state doubles titles last year with Logan Derby and qualified in singles two years ago as a sophomore. “They have all the shots they need to do well and go forward,” Hawks assistant coach Bo Bullock said. “The biggest thing is just communication and finding that chemistry because they haven’t played much, and that’s the only thing holding them back a little bit.” Martinovic’s confidence is something not normally seen among Bozeman’s better athletes, who typically remain humble and quiet. The bravado is a refreshing change, Pedersen said. “It’s something new and I think we needed it,” he added. “It lightens up the team and he’s funny; we crack jokes all the time. When we do, that’s when we’re at our best, when we keep it loose.” Added Bullock, “Confidence is a good thing. Once you get to this part of the season, everybody’s so tight and so much is riding on it, it’s hard for them to let go and play loose and be confident; the nerves get in the way. It’s nice to see people play with confidence and believe in themselves in that way.” Martinovic and Pedersen have already qualified for state because of their finals appearance, and two other Hawks pairs hope to join them. Johnny Kamp and Hudson Hart won their opener, 6-0, 6-0, before falling in the quarterfinals. They logged a 6-3, 6-2 victory in the consolation bracket and need two more wins to advance to the third-place match and clinch a state berth. Levi Collins and Tal Rogers cruised into the semifinals, where they played the longest match of the day. They won the first set, 6-3, but then dropped the second and third in tiebreakers, 7-6 (3) and 7-6 (2). “They should not feel bad about that match at all,” said Bullock, whose pupils need just one win today to advance to next week. “It could’ve gone either way and they still have a lot of tennis to play tomorrow.” Laurel Ward and Annika Linkenbach highlighted the girls effort with three straight-sets wins. They dominated their semifinal with a 6-4, 6-1 triumph. “I think they executed really well setting each other up and playing as a team,” assistant Jamie Booth said. “They put a lot of expectations on themselves so some of it is battling themselves and their opponents, and they did a really good job keeping their composure.” They will play defending state champions Bridget and Fiona Powers of Helena Capital in the final. Sasha Hathaway and Victoria Peterson plus Bree Luther and Rosie Mokwa are still competing in consolation. “Overall, the team played exceptional against some stiff competition,” Booth said. “Everybody came to play and left everything they could on the court.” https://www.bozemandailychronicle.com/sports/prep/tennis/serbian-exchange-student-sparks-hawks-boys/article_9c9b3563-e715-5f5e-b742-efb63186d0f2.html
  20. Da li ste student koji nastavlja školovanje u Sjedinjenim Državama? Da li imate pitanja o studentskim vizama i procesu njihovog izdavanja? Pridružite se EducationUSA na Facebook događaju uživo o studentskim vizama na kojem će stručnjaci američkog Stejt departmenta odgovarati na pitanja i biti od pomoći u razmatranju strategije za što lakšu navigaciju kroz proces. Saznajte više o formularima koje morate da popunite, kako da se pripremite za razgovor u ambasadi i koliko će vam vremena biti potrebno dok ne dobijete vizu. Online razgovor sa stručnjacima je besplatan i obavlja se na Facebook mreži. Ako ne možete da pratite događaj online, javite nam se da vam organizujemo online događaj kod nas u Centru. Pošaljite nam e-mail na office@iacbg.org ili nazovite tokom radnog vremena na 011/334 9639 ili 065/334 9639. Događaj: Razgovor o studentskim vizama Datum i vreme: Četvrtak, 24. maj 2018., 17:00 (Centralno evropsko vreme, Beograd) Online lokacija: https://www.facebook.com/EducationUSA/ Jezik događaja: Engleski
  21. LSEE Research on South Eastern Europe (European Institute) Research Officer Salary from £34,736 to £42,019 inclusive of London allowance This is a fixed term full-time appointment for 12 months, tenable from 3 September 2018, with the possibility of extension subject to availability of funds. LSEE is launching a new research programme on “Assessing economic policies and performance in the Western Balkans”. Key themes in the programme include labour market and education policies, regional development policy and policies for investment and FDI promotion. We are seeking to appoint a full-time Research Officer to undertake research along these themes and support the wider research and KEI activities of this programme. The appointed RO will work closely with Dr Vassilis Monastiriotis, Director of LSEE, on a series of small-scale projects under the wider theme of the programme. Key tasks of the Research Officer will include: 1. Data collection and analysis (econometrics) 2. Bibliographic research, literature and policy reviews 3. Writing of academic papers as well as policy digests and blog articles Although the focus of the Research Officer’s duties will be on meeting deliverables based on the above tasks, there will also be scope to work on independent research projects relevant to LSEE’s areas of interest and to contribute to LSEE’s research environment more widely, including by participating to collaborative applications for external funding. The successful candidate will have a PhD in Economics or a related discipline (or near completion - to have been defended successfully by the post start date). They will have comprehensive working knowledge of applied econometrics, particularly in the field of micro-econometrics and familiarity with counterfactual methods of impact assessment and, desirably, methods for spatial analysis. They will have the ability to conduct literature reviews and summarise research findings across different topics in a concise way; Evidence of successful project delivery through independent original research; The ability to conduct high-quality research publishable in journals of international standing; and proficient IT skills, including ability to manage large databases and working knowledge of specialist software in economics. Knowledge of the Western Balkans region (including of one or more of the regional languages) will be an advantage but is not essential. The post-holder will be offered a small research budget for conferences and related activities, as well as opportunities to participate at policy events in London and in the Western Balkans. We offer an occupational pension scheme, generous annual leave and excellent training and development opportunities. For further information about the post, please see the how to apply document, job description and the person specification. If you have any technical queries with applying on the online system, please use the “contact us” links at the bottom of the LSE Jobs page. For informal enquiries please contact euroinst.lsee@lse.ac.uk. The closing date for receipt of applications is Friday, 15 June 2018 (23.59 UK time). Regrettably, we are unable to accept any late applications. Original post available here.
  22. Ivan Hadzic, a 6-foot-9 240 pound native of Serbia, has signed with the Canisius men's basketball team and will be eligible for the 2018-19 season. Hadzic, will enter Canisius as a freshman after spending the 2017-18 academic year at Southwest Christian Academy in Little Rock, Ark. Hadzic helped Southwest Christian's Lions to a 31-4 record and an appearance in the 2018 NACA (National Association of Christian Athletes) national championship game. Hadzic led his team in scoring with 12 points, including three three-pointers in the 72-60 title game loss to Hamilton Heights of Chattanooga, Tenn. He was a member of the 2018 U18 Serbian national team that finished third in the 2016 3X3 European championship. http://buffalonews.com/2018/05/01/colleges-canisius-hoops-signs-6-foot-8-native-of-serbia/
  23. Međunarodni akademski centar neće biti otvoren za rad sa korisnicima u subotu, 5. maja 2018. godine zbog održavanja zvaničnih testova SAT General, SAT Subject i TOEFL. Ako nas zovete telefonom tokom tog dana, molimo vas da ostavite poruku ili pošaljete sms ili Viber poruku na naš broj mobilnog telefona 065/3349639. Naredni redovni radni dan je utorak, 8. maj 2018.
  24. Prolećna besplatna grupna savetovanja za osnovne studije u Americi počinju u maju 2018. Savetovanja u kancelariji Centra i online organizuju se subotom po rasporedu koji je pred vama. Savetovanja su podeljena po temama, ali se na terminima mogu postaviti pitanja i o drugim oblastima koje vas zanimaju. Prijave se obavljaju online na linkovima koji su navedeni pored opisa savetovanja. U slučajevima kada imate problem sa registracijom, pošaljite nam e-mail na office@iacbg.org ili nas pozovite tokom radnog vremena telefonom. Besplatna grupna savetovanja su najbolji način da saznate više o studiranju u Americi od početka i preporučujemo ih srednjoškolcima do trećeg razreda škole. Ako ste već ušli u proces ili ste u poslednjem razredu srednje škole prijavite se za neki od termina "Otvorenih vrata" četvrtkom tokom kojih možete da dobijete odgovore na važna pitanja. Termini besplatnih grupnih savetovanja za osnovne studije u Americi PLANIRANJE OBRAZOVANJA - Seminar vas uvodi u jedan od najvažnijih aspekata procesa prijema na studije: planiranje. Potencijalni studenti će steći uvid u osnovne zahteve prijavljivanja, rokova za podnošenje zahteva i odgovarajućih vremenskih okvira za pripremu i testiranje, izbor škola, određivanje finansijskog doprinosa porodice, pisanje eseja, prikupljanja potrebne dokumentacije i druge važne aspekte. Istovremeno će se raditi i na približavanju osnovnih termina u procesu prijema, kao što su transkripti, "Common Application", dokazi o finansijama i drugo. Termini: Subota, 12. maj 2018., 11:00 u kancelariji, 13:00 online Prijava: https://goo.gl/forms/0wPAb6A72xdNxf1w1 PRETRAŽIVANJE ŠKOLA I IZBOR - Više od 4,500 institucija za više obrazovanje u SAD nudi širok izbor programa i ustanova koje odgovaraju potrebama studenata. Izbor škole često predstavlja veliku poteškoću stranim studentima. Ovaj seminar obezbeđuje potencijalnim studentima neophodno oruđe za strateški izbor škola i uči ih kako da pronađu instituciju koja najviše odgovara njihovim individualnim potrebama. Termini: Subota, 26. maj 2018., 11:00 u kancelariji, 13:00 online Prijava: https://goo.gl/forms/PfLEjT5qTMBuJNA13 FINANSIRANJE STUDIJA - Ovaj seminar nudi pregled izbora koji su dostupni studentima u procesu finansiranja obrazovanja. Savetovanje pokriva teme procene ličnih fondova, identifikovanje finansijske pomoći za koju se budući studenti mogu prijaviti, poput školarina na bazi zasluga i potrebe, kao i smanjenje troškova obrazovanja. Seminar objašnjava i kako je potrebno ispuniti studentske formulare za finansijsku pomoć. Termini: Subota, 2. jun 2018, 11:00 u kancelariji, 13:00 online Prijava: https://goo.gl/forms/6zwZo06EajLQEtEf1 STUDENTI SPORTISTI - Srednjoškolci koji su talentovani za sportove imaju šansu da finansiraju svoje obrazovanje kroz sportske stipendije. Ovaj seminar objasniće proces prijema za studente sportiste. Teme savetovanja su komunikacija sa trenerima, dostizanje potrebnih zahteva univerziteta, odnosno NCAA zahteva i drugo. Termini: Subota, 16. jun 2018., 11:00 u kancelariji, 13:00 online Prijava: https://goo.gl/forms/JLKkgEWRRL6AUgKW2 MOTIVACIONO PISMO - Motivaciono pismo je šansa za osobe zadužene za prijem studenata da steknu uvid u lične osobine studenta, nešto što nije moguće uraditi samo pregledom ocena iz srednje škole i rezultata testova. Ovo je jedan od najvažnijih faktora u procesu prijema i seminar će detaljno obraditi proces pisanja motivacionog pisma. Termini: Subota, 23. jun 2018., 11:00 u kancelariji, 13:00 online Prijava: https://goo.gl/forms/iriNyM7TRYbQ0V383 PISMA PREPORUKE - Ovaj seminar će obraditi temu pisama preporuke koji su obavezni deo prijavljivanja za univerzitete i koledže. Diskusija će obuhvatiti i to koga pitati za preporuku i kako bi taj dokument trebalo da izgleda. Drugi deo savetovanja će istaći važnost aktivnosti studenata u zajednici u kojoj žive i kako se to odražava na proces prijema. Termini: Subota, 14 jul 2018., 11:00 u kancelariji, 13:00 online Prijava: https://goo.gl/forms/u81H90YdwnbCABGv2
  25. Prolećna serija besplatnih grupnih savetovanja za postdiplomske studije počinje u maju. Zainteresovani kandidati za master i doktorske studije u Sjedinjenim Američkim Državama saznaće više o procesu pretraživanja i upisa studija, testovima potrebnim za upis, strategiji izbora između više institucija i finansiranju obrazovanja. Savetovanja se organizuju petkom u kancelariji Centra u Beogradu po navedenom kalendaru. Jezik prezentacija je engleski. Prijavite se za savetovanja za koja ste zainteresovani prateći link u opisu. Za detaljnija pitanja o samim savetovanjima pošaljite nam e-mail na office@iacbg.org . Na terminima savetovanja moguće je postaviti sva pitanja na koja vam je potreban odgovor. Dodatne datume savetovanja, online termine i promene termina unosimo na ovoj stranici, kao i na društvenim mrežama na kojima smo prisutni. GS1: Proces pronalaženja opcija i upisa studija u Americi Savetovanje pokriva objašnjenja o američkom obrazovnom sistemu i koristi za domaće studente i nudi odgovore na pitanja o procesu prijavljivanja. Datum: 4. maj 2018. - 16:30 Prijava: https://goo.gl/forms/4h0etGaE5ce74Rsb2 GS2: Strategije za polaganje standardizovanih testova Ovo savetovanje je namenjeno budućim postdiplomcima u Americi, sa fokusom na GRE i GMAT. Na savetovanju će biti reči o tome kako se testovi koriste u procesu prijema na studije i šta bi kandidati trebalo da rade da steknu veštine koje će im biti od koristi za uspeh na testovima. Savetovanje ne obuhvata TOEFL. Datum: 11. maj 2018. - 16:30 Prijava: https://goo.gl/forms/VG2CGmdrFSNZHfHh2 GS3: Finansiranje postdiplomskih studija Savetovanje predstavlja elemente strateškog finansijskog planiranja za postdiplomske studije. Široki rang finansijskih mogućnosti će biti razmatran, kao i prednosti i mane tih mogućnosti, za studente iz Srbije koji nameravaju da pronađu i završe studije na sledećem nivou u inostranstvu. Datum: 18. maj 2018. - 16:30 Prijava: https://goo.gl/forms/usSM1QLXEXsyjSOV2