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  1. Hi guys, Im currently in Orlando where I was supposed to have a full time paid Summer internship. However, instead of working right now I have to wait for indefinite amount of time before USCIS finish with processing my case. Here is some information I wish I knew before. I hope it will help people not to find themselves in the same position as I am right now. Optional Practical Training (OPT) - Work authorization that any student can get. Duration can be 12 months in total. You can take it after you graduate or during summer breaks. Have in mind that USCIS will charge you $340 every time you apply for OPT and they will process your case 6 to who knows how many weeks before you get the OPT card. So make sure you apply on time. Some people wait more then 3 months! Curricular Practical Training (CPT) - Work authorization issued by your college. You can take it any time during your studies as long as your college have the internship course. If you take full time internship, you don't have to take any other courses and still be considered as a full time f-1 student. If your internship is half-time (20 hours/week or less) you have to take your courses at college to maintain full-time student status. Have in mind that you have to pay tuition for CPT as if it is a course at your college.
  2. Ne znam zasto ti niko ne odgovara ali mogu ta ti kazem da za prevod moras da nađe? prevodioca. U IAC-u nisu radili prevod kad je meni trebao. Siguran sam da mogu da te upute na nekog.
  3. Correct The card was issued before the bank became Intesa. It was plain VISA (not electron, virtuon etc.) card with Serbian currency.
  4. I payed it with VISA card from DELTA bank one day before the interview and it worked. And my visa is approved by the way.
  5. I spoke with support at the bank today and they identified the problem with the I-901 payment. There was an error in their system log saying "not an e-commerce transaction". It means that fmjfee.com does not use e-commerce transactions which is the only type of transaction supported by Visa Virtuon card. Another type of transaction is MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order). However, the guy from the bank could not tell if fmjfee.com uses that type of transaction. Also, airplane company declined my card for the same reason. What should I do? Any suggestions?
  6. Guys from the bank are saying that everything works fine on their side. Also, I tried to book an airplane ticket today with another card at expedia.com and got the same $% again! They could not charge me for the ticket, but they did charge $7 reservation fee. Twice! How could they charge $7 and not be able to charge for the ticket?! So, I decided to call that 1-800 number at expedia in hope to find out what is going on. After 80 minutes of adventurous chitchats with automatic answering machines and semi-automatic customer support expedia employees I found out that there is some kind of authorization problem with the payment system at the airplane company and they will try to fix it in next 24 hours. Still, I have no idea what is wrong with fmjfee.com Did you get any complaints from students recently?
  7. Today I tried with another Visa Virtuon card and I had the same problem. This is reeeeeally frustrating!
  8. Zdravo, Da li je moguce platiti I-901 SEVIS fee raiffeisen virtuon karticom? Ja sam pokusao na fmjfee.com i dobio sam poruku da je kartica odbijena. Proverio sam u banci i potvrdili su da je sve ispravno u njihovom sistemu. Na sajtu ambasade pise da moze da se plati Western Union-om pomocu "Quick Pay" formulara, ali nisam uspeo da nadjem ni uputstvo ni formular.
  9. I ja sam upravo u sličnoj situaciji. Naime, prijavio sam se na undergraduate trasfer program i posalo sam im preveden i sudski overen spisak ispita koji su u admission office-u ocenili kao nedovoljan da se utvrdi koje ispite će mi priznati. Pre par dana sam iskopirao 32 stranice iz plana i programa moje visoke ?kole i dogovorio sam se sa sekretarom i direktorom da ih sam prevedem pa će oni da potpi?u i overe. Mo?da to nije "zvaničan prevod" ali je jedino ?to mogu da nabavim. Valjda će biti o.k. U priči sa direktorom saznao sam da je veliki broj studenata imao isti problem, i svake godine nas je sve vi?e. Besmisleno je da se svaki student pojedinačno bavi ovim problemom. To nam bespotrebno oduzima velike količine novca i vremena. Shodno tome, direktor je obećao da će od ove godine ?kola prevesti ceo plan i program tako da će budući studenti imati zvaničan program na engleskom. ?teta ?to u novom zakonu o visokom ?kolovanju nisu obavezali sve ?kole i fakultete na to.
  10. Dear Elizabeth, 1. Today I got notified that admission office has all of my application materials except the proof of English proficiency. On February 27th I successfully ordered additional score report on ETS website and addressed it to SCAD (For any department not listed). Here is a proof: I think there was a problem with the payment since I wasn't charged. Or maybe "department not listed" thing is the issue. Should I contact ETS to see what's going on? Or perhaps, send them my personal copy of the report? And what about Internet delivery of reports, how that thing works? 2. Also, they say that the official English translation of the transcript does not make the type of degree/diploma I have earned clear and that I should indicate which type of diploma I earned and how many years the course of study was. My course was six semesters (180 ESTS) and it is (or it should be) equivalent to bachelor of engineering. Is that what they are asking me? 3. I need to write a 50 words essay for my scholarship application asap. Thank you
  11. Well in that case I better apply right now! There is just few more hours BTW I think this should be moved to "everything else" or "visas" forum Mr. Pix
  12. Since DV lottery deadline is in two days I am considering to apply for it but I have a dilemma. It came to my mind that putting my name in the wannabe immigrant database is not the most prudent thing to do. Do you think this could affect out visa obtainment later in the precess?
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