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    research or not?

    Hello IACBG, I am final year medical student from Belgrade, Serbia. Expected time of my graduation is January 2008. I became US permanent resident in 2004. That enabled me to pursue one of the biggest goals of my life-to live and work in the United States. My husband lives in New York so I frequented the city in the past few years. After my graduation my plans are to move to New York and study for the USMLE tests (I am fully aware of terms of nostrification process) . I know that I am an alien in this country and that research experience among scientists and doctors prior to applying for the residency program is preferable. I also know that the USMLE scores are not everything and that that kind of experience would help make my personal statement more sophisticated as well as turn me into more competitive residency applicant. On the other hand, lots of my friends (who are now licensed MDs in the US) advise me not to go trough research program that will take many years, and just take the boards and do a few observerships afterwards. Is there a research program that takes less that 3 years(unlike post doc)? As the deadline of my graduation approaches (January 2008) I grow more and more indecisive. I am currently in NYC, but I am going to Serbia in one week. I would love to schedule an appointment with one of your advisers ( I tried to do in once, but it didn't work out) and talk about my situation. Is that possible? I really appreciate your help. Have a nice day! Regards, Jovana Bijelic