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Transfer from one PhD program to another

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I would like to transfer from my current PhD program to a better program in the same area. What are your suggestions regarding this issue? Who should be writing my letters of recommendation, how I should explain my reasons for transferring in my motivation letter etc.?

Thank you!

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This would depend a lot on your current circumstances and we would suggest you to write to us directly to office@iacbg.org. A lot of our advice in situation like this would go more private than you need to share publicly on the board, so the e-mail would be preferred solution for communication. You can also let us know if you are in Belgrade or will be so our adviser can talk to you in the office. 


Transfer is always sensitive, especially in terms of explaining why are you taking that step. If you are not careful, it may become living nightmare for you, so that's why we suggest to any candidate to cautiously approach this subject and analyze all the aspects. Our advisers are trained to assist you and you should not hesitate to write to us with more details. 

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