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Hi Elizabeth,

We already talked about finding music business program in the US that I am interested in and I would like to remind you to send me the spread sheet you mentioned last Saturday.

I’ve already formed a list with universities that offer Master studies of Music business but it would be nice if you sent me your template just to add some important information to fill the data.  

Additionally, if you found the contact of the girl who has already been studying music business in Europe, please send it to me just to ask her for advice about finding quality program in US.

Thank you for your kindness and very useful lectures.

Best regards,


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Dear Dragan, 

The template has been sent to you in a private message at this Board. We are swamped at this time of the year, and sometimes responses come slower than expected. 

We did not share this document in public as it would require more explanation for people who would download it. At this moment, we don't have video, audio or written explanation for future grad students and posting the document would create more work for people monitoring the Board. 

If you come to any hurdles with the research, write to us at office@iacbg.org or use any other address you have been using before. 

Regards :-) 

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