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Chile: Open-rank Positions, Mathematical and Computational Engineering

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The Institute for Mathematical and Computational Engineering was recently created as a joint endeavor between the School of Engineering and the Faculty of Mathematics of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile in Santiago. The Institute aims to become an international referent on addressing complex problems in science, technology, and society, pushing forward interdisciplinary research, connecting advanced mathematical modeling with various disciplines. Current faculty members of the Institute conduct research in a wide variety of areas such as data science, optimization (continuous and discrete), inverse problems, uncertainty quantification, theory of computing, numerical analysis, and high-performance computing. This recent interdisciplinary effort has already generated important collaborations with several leading international centers. Application areas include industrial  problems and management sciences, social sciences, astronomical instrumentation, optics and nanophotonics, biological and medical engineering, among others. The Institute is also responsible for the Mathematical Engineering program---a highly selective undergraduate program within the School of Engineering---and is in the process of creating interdisciplinary graduate programs in Mathematical and Computational Engineering leading to master and doctoral degrees.

As part of its strategic plans, the Institute is offering two open-rank positions at the assistant or associate level. We invite highly qualified candidates in all areas of applied mathematics addressed by the Institute to apply to these positions, although preference might be given to applicants interested in the mathematical, computational and statistical interplay between machine learning, data science, uncertainty quantification and stochastic modeling, and also the potentials of high- performance computing in those areas, as well as in connection with online algorithms, optimization and numerical problems. Applicants should have completed or be close to complete a Ph.D. degree in Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Operations Research, Computer Science or related areas. An Engineering background is highly desirable.

The selected candidates will be expected to conduct interdisciplinary research and be able to connect with other disciplines in the University. The ability to address relevant applied problems in industry and public sector, among others, is also very valuable. Selected candidates will also be expected to teach and contribute to the Mathematical and Computational Engineering curriculum. Typical teaching load is three semester long courses a year, which could be graduate or undergraduate level. Command of Spanish is not required to apply but the selected candidates are expected to learn the language.

The deadline for applying is October 1, 2018 and more details and application instructions are available at the following link:

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