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Hello everyone, 

I am a new member of the Forum, and I hope you don't mind me opening the new topic.:D 

You probably remember me from the consultation for graduate students, where we met one month ago in the IAC office. :good:

I wanted to ask if you have any advice about choosing between GRE and GMAT test because all my potential faculties accept both of them and I am not sure which one to take. 

I am planning to apply for PhD studies in Operation management and information systems in August and would like to start preparing for the exam as soon as possible. I am better in math than in English vocabulary and have heard that in that case GMAT is better for me...  

If you have any advise or anybody has taken these exams I would like to hear your experience.

Thank you and cheers! :geek:

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Hi Tasana,

If you have a choice between the tests and you are not a native speaker of English, then the GMAT is likely the better choice.  This is primarily because of GRE’s vocabulary-heavy verbal component, which is a source of much woe for many testers.

Alongside this is the fact that GMAT verbal contains a large number of grammar-related questions.  These, of course, turn out to be familiar territory for non-native speakers because, well… they have studied English!

It is said that the GMAT math is somewhat harder, but I have had some of my students dispute that point with me.  Time distribution is key.




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