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Germany: PhD/Postdoc Position, Scientific Computing

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The Department of Mathematics at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nurnberg (FAU) is looking for a mathematician or theoretically interested physicist, engineer etc. (TVL-13 3/4, 24 months) within the project ``Structural changes and inactivation of enzymes during drying and particle formation of levitated droplets''. The project is in collaboration with the Institute of Pharmaceutics as well as the Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics at FAU and financed by the DFG.

The project is concerned with modeling and developing numerical methods for the drying and particle formation of an elevated droplet due to evaporation. 

- Master/Diplom or PhD in mathematics or related fields, in particular expertise in partial differential equations and numerical methods thereof,
- experience or willingness to work in mathematical modeling of physical problems in continuum mechanics,
- programming skills,
- fluency in English,
- knowledge of German is of advantage.

The position is to be filled as soon as possible. The employment is limited to 24 months but may be extended depending on available funding.  For Master/Diploma candidates it is expected that the candidate will do a PhD within this project.

FAU is seeking to augment the number of women in research and hence encourages female scientists in particular to apply for this position. Handicapped persons will be preferred in case of equal ability and qualifications. If desired, a member of the equal opportunity office of FAU can participate in the selection process without any disadvantage for the applicant.

Please submit your full applications including CV, certificates, motivation letter as pdf-files to baensch@math.fau.de (reference: evaporating droplets). Deadline for application: February, 28, 2020. The position is open until filled.

Further information: Prof. Dr. Eberhard Bansch, Applied Mathematics 3 (Scientific Computing), baensch@math.fau.de.

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