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One of the first sites that you might want to visit would be the American Medical Association. The web address for this site is:


For more specific information enter the key search term IMGs - this stands for International Medical Graduate and it generally will pull up a wide variety of articles that are for physicians who have graduated from non-USA and Canadian medical schools.

Another good search term is "underserved regions". This is concerned with regions in the USA that currently have a shortage of doctors. The information concerning currently laws and regulations in these regions can also be quite helpful for International doctors that are interested in the possibility of work or further education in the United States

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Pregledao sam sajtove koje ste preporucili za nostrifikaciju diplome u USA. Obzirom da sam ja dobio Green Card zanima me sta bih ja sa svojom diplomom doktora mogao da radim u Americi. Odnosno sta da radim u USA dok ne nostrifikujem diplomu?

Mislim mogu ja da radim bilo sta ali bih ipak nesto sto je povezano sa medicinom kako se ne bih mnogo udaljavao od struke. Da li ova moja diploma doktora ima bilo kakvu vrednost u USA?

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Dear Dr. Misha,

First of all, I hope that you fully understand the nostrification process for the United States. If not, there are links within this area where you can go and search. It is not notrification in the classic sense - you will have to prepare yourself for some exams in order to meet the licensing criteria. It is a somewhat exhaustive process, but certainly worth it.

Now as to actually working with patients; most medical personnel in the USA have to be licensed. However, there are quite a few research opportunities that you could look for. This will have the added benefit of helping you become familiar with the protocol in the United States in terms of medicine and science. It will, no doubt, help you prepare for the USMLE and other requirements.

One thing that you need to be aware of in the process of obtaining your medical license in the United States is that each of the 50 states sets its own regulations. Therefore, where you live is going to have strong impact on the exact procedure that you have to follow.

I hope this information helps and congratulations on the Green Card! Welcome to America!


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