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Diploma pravnog fakulteta u Beogradu

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Supruzi je ostalo jos 3 ispit da diplomira na ravnom fakultetu u Beogradu, posto zivimo u USA New York State zanima me sta ona moze da uradi sa tim ovde u USA, mislim koje su joj mogucnosti, naravno sem toga da ponovo krece na prvu godinu. Sta treba da uradi da je nostrifikuje?

Da i naravno da napomenem da joj nije bitno da radi kao advokat.

Unapred zahvalan Grbic

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Dear Kat,

Practicing law in the United States is quite different than it is here - namely the educational background of American lawyers is a bit more extensive. For example, in the United States, a student will take a Bachelors Degree in another field, although some students do get a Bachelors degree in a Pre-Law program. The next step upon graduation is to take the LSAT exam and submit those scores to prospective law schools. Law schools are basically post-diplomska programs. To complicate matters, each of the 50 states sets their own policies concerning recognition of foreign diplomas. The good news is that the American Bar Association Website has a well organized chart that you can exam:


Now for New York, here is the blurb:

New York Applicant must complete period of law study

equivalent in duration to that specified in New York

rules in law school recognized by competent

accrediting agency of the government of such

foreign country. All applicants must have their

transcripts evaluated by the Board of Law Examiners

to determine if further study, in the form of 20

credits at an approved law school in the U.S.,

including basic courses in American law, is required.

This will help you determine what your next step will be. Some states are more liberal and their acceptance than others, so you find that you most likely will want to "pick a state" to live and work in. I recommend that you contact the New York Chapter of the American Bar Association to determine who the diploma from Belgrade will be viewed. I am not clear on the sentence above that discusses the period of law study equivalent in duration. I really suggest that you contact them directly.

Whenever we get into these professional licensing issues, since each of the 50 states sets their own regulations, well, it is always a case by case basis.


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Thank you very much Elz for the information. I have a friend from Europe with the same situation with kat, they want to live here in USA but he wanted also to continue his studies. Thanks again for the complete information about this issue.


Bob Morton

Makita BDF452HW Drill

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