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nostrifikacija diplome

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Postoji li druga, alternativna procedura za nostrifikaciju dentalne diplome u US, pored upisivanja Advanced Standing Program?

Dali je upisivanje na specijalizaciju jedna od tih opcija?

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Okay first of all, you may realize this, but just in case, I want to give you some insight into the whole procedure and why it exists. All of these hoops that you are required to jump through are to insure that you will have the same level of knowledge and skill that is expected of a dentist in the USA. There are some differences in practice between Serbia and the USA - I know that from being in the chair :XmasROFL:

Anyway you look at it, you are going to have to undergo some procedure to instruct you and then to test you. However, there are some shortcuts. It is possible to go through a certification procedure that is a bit shorter.

Now what happens with these is that you can find that you are limited to only practice dentistry in the state where this certification was granted. Thus, you want to really look at the marketibility of your skills in that particular state and make sure that you want to settle there.

Of course, one thing that you could do if you decide to look at the certification program and you can find a short one that fulfills you needs is that you could set up a part time practice or work in a dental clinic part time, while you earn enough money to pay for the "more intense" procedure, and then you will have more options.

I know that these licensure procedures seem like a pain, but honestly anyone who has ever gone through them does find that it is worth it. Also I have no idea how old you are, but most people really regret waiting too long.

There is a great deal of information to found here, in case you have not explored it yet:


I hope this helps. Maybe we could meet - I am always looking for a dentist here!


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