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  1. Hi Elizabeth, We already talked about finding music business program in the US that I am interested in and I would like to remind you to send me the spread sheet you mentioned last Saturday. I’ve already formed a list with universities that offer Master studies of Music business but it would be nice if you sent me your template just to add some important information to fill the data. Additionally, if you found the contact of the girl who has already been studying music business in Europe, please send it to me just to ask her for advice about finding quality program in US. Thank you for your kindness and very useful lectures. Best regards, Dragan
  2. Dear professor, Thank you for the quick response to my question regarding to the age limit for enrolling to any level of studies. If it is not a burden, I would also like to ask if you could recommend some universities in the US that offer good music business programs for graduate students, including graduate assistantship programs. Thanks, Dragan
  3. To whom it may concern, As you told us at the Sunday's lecture to use this forum for questions, I feel free to pose few of them. First, I would like to ask if universities in the US allow second or third master’s program (I would like to apply for Music business, which would be my third master’s program). I would also like to know if there is any age limit for enrolling at this level of studies because I will soon be 35. Thanks for your assistance, Dragan
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