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  1. Hi, just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. I wanted to give you a small update: I was rejected by Vanderbilt, but I was deferred by Case Western, and I wanted to let you know that I will be in Belgrade tomorrow and if the IAC is open, I would love to talk to you about what I should do since I got deferred and how to improve my chances. 

    Once again , Merry Christmas! :) 

  2. a quick reminder about the email you mentioned you will write :) 

    decision is coming back in approx. a week from now

  3. hello, ill be coming to belgrade on thrusrday around 3 o clock, so if you have time between consultations, i would really like to pop by for a quick chat, please let me know  :)

  4. Hi! I wanted to let you know that I will be in the Center on Friday , taking the ACT. I wanted to ask you if you maybe have some time to kill after I'm done with the ACT. I would love for you to look over my school list and my common app essay and give me some feedback, and discuss something I would like to ask you about Vanderbilt :) 

    Please let me know soon! 

    See you on Friday (Hopefully) 

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    2. maksimvojvodic


      Okay, thanks for the info! I've sent them to Vanderbilt, and honestly I'm not too hopeful about it- I don't feel like i will get in. 

      That being said, I would also like to give you a small reminder about the email you mentioned you can write- it would mean A LOT to me, and I thank you for that! 

      I will be seeing you on Sunday, if I get to see you there I will definitely come say hi! :) 

    3. elz


      Thanks, Maksim.  Yes, I have not forgotten about the letter.  It does not have to arrive with the deadline, so a week or two from now will be fine, and put you on the radar with good timing.  

      Good that you are coming to the fair.  Please be sure and spread the word to the other FLEX alums and your schoolmates. 

    4. maksimvojvodic


      I just wanted to let you know that the fair went extremely well! Great job to all of you at IAC! I learned some pretty good information and I had some very good conversation with a man from Princeton and Georgetown (I might even consider applying there even if I dont have very good chance :D ) If you know either of the two men from Georgetown or Princeton please tell them I thank them for sharing some very insightful things with me (I'd personally do it but I forgot to ask them for their business cards) 

      I might run by IAC some day next week, whenever you have time, just to finalize my college list for the last time and just get your feedback on some ideas I had for some supplemental essays :) 

  5. Quick question about CSS. What is Employer Earnings Statement and where can my mom get it. Do you maybe know what its called in serbian? Also, where can my dad (who is self employed) get that statement?


    1. elz


      I know the answer to this - the best way for her to break down her earnings is to get a copy of the forms that she signs each time she is paid, which shows a break down of her taxes, and the amount that she contributes to her benefits and pensions, and all the amount that her employer contributes. I inserted the name of the document in Serbian, and I believe that most people will recognize it: 

      Document that shows the breakdown of earnings.JPG

      Your father most likely pays himself the same way.  Then he has to take into account the value of his company.  Also, how did the SAT go?  I am concerned about your school list because you are putting yourself in such competitive pools that have single digit admission rates.  There are other schools that can also fund you that have better admission odds. 

      (I am always concerned about any student that does this.  If you wanted to bungee jump, but had a 5% survival rate, would you do it?)  




    2. maksimvojvodic


      thank you. SAT went well i believe, for some reason, my scores are still pending and i dont know what to think about it. Im not too worried about it tho. If they suck i just wont send them and thats it. I will be taking ACT on Friday, and ill bring those two prep books you gave me. im still modifying my list depending on my ACT scores (higher the score, more competitive the list will be.) There is no reason to worry about though, my list is half and half, the most competitive are Yale, Duke, UPenn, and Vanderbilt. Regardless of my scores I am not removing Yale and Vanderbilt, I am applying to those two either way. I have the most things done for my application, but I would really like someone to read my supplementals and main essay and give me feedback, and deadline is approaching very soon (next Wednesday) 

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