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  1. BTR

    research or not?

    There are 2 things that are considered as a big plus in your CV during your residency interview .High Usmle score and USA clinical experience. So try to have as high score as possible. Regarding clinical experience the only relevant one is doing clinical elective rotation in some of the US med schools. That is possible to do only while you are still in your med school. But requirement for that is to pass USMLE step 1.So I am afraid that you will not manage to do that having in mind that you will finish your med school next year. Observership is done by med school graduates and you are basically a shadow of a doctor and you are not allowed to touch the patient. This will not be valuable at all during interview - they might not even consider it for a clinical experience.Research is basically nothing - just wasting your time. So finish your med school and give all the steps and you will be fine. You are already superior to many applicants for residency because you are US permanent resident. Good luck
  2. BTR

    Program for Medical School Graduates

    That is true. But on the other hand there is no medical school in the States that you could finish and immediately start working as a doctor. Every future MD in the States must pass Usmle examinations - both US graduates and IMGs.So that is pretty fair business. Although it is much easier for us med students to pass usmle because they are better prepared for that very hard exam. Now please forget about preparatory courses in Belgrade .That has only one function to transfer money from your pocket to theirs pocket. Only one preparatory course deserves to be mentioned .That is Kaplan Medical http://www.kaptest.com/Medical_Licensing/S...1_liveprep.html You can see that their most expensive course is around 6000$ .So having in mind the weak $ you can go to that course in the States for less then 7000eu. But you can prepare for USMLE without the help of fancy courses.Only hard work and a couple of $ for the books. You have 2 options regarding books : either Kaplan lecture notes or major review books.