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    Excuse me but I would like to know,what the conditions are in genereal to study Faculty of Stomatology in USA , for someone from Serbia? Thank you
  2. mi3c22


    What the conditions are to study stomatology in USA for High School students from Serbia ? thank you
  3. First Name : *******, Last name : ******** Bachelor of medical faculty , University of Belgrade , Born : *********. Address : ********** 11000 Belgrade Serbia and Montenegro E-mail : *****@yahoo.com Mob . tel. : 06********** Dear the IAC, I?m really thankful for all your help. I?m very happy because there is institution like the IAC in Belgrade. I think, all ambitious people who have found the IAC and who really love their profession and need more and perfect education like American, feel the same. I?m a physiotherapist , I finished high school of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in Belgrade. I?m a bachelor of medical faculty in Belgrade. I have five exams to finish my studies. In April of 2006 I?ll have my studies finished. Then, I should do my internship. It will last one year, but that is not obligatory. During my studies I?ve done four researches, presented at The International medical students? congress in Cairo, International medical students? congress in Berlin, International medical students? congress in Belgrade and European sports sciences conferences. Besides these congresses I?ve attended additional courses in sports medicine, physical therapy and rehabilitation, neurosurgery, gynecology hold by foreign and Serbian professors. I?m interested in physical therapy, rehabilitation and sports medicine, that?s why I?d like to do postgraduates studies in these areas!! I have few questions. How many times per year we can apply for postgraduates studies? Is there any deadline before December ? Professor Elisabeth talked to me about the group advising session for medical students. Do you know when will that be exactly? When will you know, how can we pass TOEFL test after January? Thank you!! *********** 04.12.2005. Belgrade
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