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Good News For Imgs

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For the seventh consecutive year, the number of first-year residency

positions offered through the Match increased. A total of 22,427

first-year positions were offered in the 2009 Match, held last month.

This represents an increase of 187 positions compared to last year and

an increase of 1,825 positions since 2002.

The number of IMGs, including Fifth Pathway participants, who matched

to first-year positions increased by 98 compared to 2008. Of the

10,980 IMGs who participated in the 2009 Match, 4,796 (43.7%) matched.

In the 2008 Match, 4,698 (45.2%) IMGs were matched to first-year


There was an increase in the number of matches for U.S. citizen IMGs,

IMGs who are citizens of other countries, and Fifth Pathway


Of the 7,484 IMG participants who were not U.S. citizens, 3,112

(41.6%) obtained first-year positions. The number of non-U.S. citizen

IMGs who obtained positions in 2009 increased by 4 compared to last


Of the 3,390 U.S. citizen IMG participants, 1,619 (47.8%) were matched

to first-year positions, an increase of 78 over last year. This is the

sixth consecutive year that there has been an increase in the number

of U.S. citizen IMGs matching to first-year positions.

Of the 106 Fifth Pathway participants in the Match, 65 (61.3%) were

matched to first-year positions, an increase of 16 over last year.

This is the third consecutive year that there has been an increase in

the number of Fifth Pathway participants matching to first-year


It is important to note that the total number of IMGs, including Fifth

Pathway participants, who will fill PGY-1 positions for the 2009-2010

academic year will be higher than the number obtaining positions

through the 2009 Match. Although the majority of PGY-1 positions in

the United States are filled through the Match, a significant number

of IMG applicants obtain positions outside of the Match. For example,

while 4,563 IMGs obtained PGY-1 positions through the 2007 Match,

7,225 IMGs entered PGY-1 for the 2007-2008 academic year.

The 7,225 IMGs entering PGY-1 for the 2007-2008 academic year is an

increase of 306 over the prior year and an increase of 1,152 since the

2002-2003 academic year..


The annual NRMP Match is the system by which applicants are matched

with available residency positions in U.S. programs of graduate

medical education (GME). Participants submit to the NRMP a list of

residency programs, in order of preference. Ranked lists of preferred

residency candidates are likewise submitted by U.S. GME programs with

available positions. The matching of applicants to available positions

is performed by computer algorithm. The Match results announced in

March of each year are typically for GME programs beginning the

following July.

Copyright © 2009 by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical

Graduates (ECFMG®).

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