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Having reviewed all of the iacbg web pages I cannot find information about a specific program I heard about for medical students. I was told that there is a program for graduates of medical school (in this case Nis) where the student comes to Beograd for approximately 9 months to study for certification exams.

Following the certification exams (assuming a pass) the student then is placed in a medical residency program in the US for up to five years.

I heard that this program costs 6,000 Euros, and the residency would pay approximately $50,000 per year.

1) is there a program like this?

2) how do we learn more about it?

Thanks for your help!

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I just finished a phone conversation with Kevin and outlined some of the items of interest in earlier post.

Some additional points for your information are:

I am contacting you on behalf of my niece who is finishing her 5th year of medical school (in Nis).

She is not yet specialised.

She spent a year of high school in the US and has excellent English skills.

For anything else you would like to know please drop me a note!

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This program is offered here in Belgrade. There is an opportunity for students to prepare for the USMLE through an organization. I am currently looking for information on the organization and will try to provide more information as it I learn more. I do not have any information on the residency or the payment for the residency. I just know that a program has recently started to assist students with preparation for the USMLE exams. I am currently trying to locate this organization and check the credentials and so on. We are provided with various lists of organizations that are approved for certain programs, so once I have the name of the organization, I can provide more information.

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Veoma me zainteresovala vasa diskusija o navodno postojecoj organizaciji u Beogradu koja vrsi pripreme za polaganje usmle testova sa ciljem nostrifikacije diplome medicnskog fakuteta i daljoj specijalizaciji u USA.

Zamolio bih vas ako imate sada preciznije podatke o adresi ili bilo kakvom drugom kontaktu sa tom organizacijom s' obzirom da je proslo skoro dve godine (datum diskusije decembar 2005) da mi ih prosledite.

Unapred hvala

Srdacan pozdrav

Branimir Damjanovic

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In terms of this kind of preparation, there may be an organization here in Serbia, that offers the preparation for the exams. I have never been able to get confirmation on this kind of program. Also it may be possible to go through the organization in order to get a residency. However, in order for us to look into this matter, we are going to need some contact information. It is rather difficult for us to chase after places that people have heard about - it is probably best to thoroughly research the IMG requirements that we have provided on this site as a first step, so that you understand all of the options. From there, IMGs will have all the information necessary in order to make an informed decision as to how to proceed in meeting the US licensing procedures for doctors.

Next time someone is telling this, ask for details, such as telephone, website, and so on. It is very possible that there is a program here that offers these things, but we do not have any information in order to look into that.

I found some information here:

US Medical School in Belgrade: http://www.med.bg.ac.yu/?sid=492

However, this is certainly not a US Medical degree. On the other hand, this type of training in English would certainly be helpful to any Serbian doctor who wanted to sit for the USMLE series.

In Nis: http://www.medfak.ni.ac.yu/ims/Tuition.htm

There is, unfortunately, no substitute for going to the AMA website, and doing the research. That is where all the answers are - that is where the rules are made and the regulations put in place.

Here is what I can say on the matter so far - there is no medical school in Serbia that a person can graduate from, get on a plane, and go to the United States and work as a licensed US Doctor. In terms of exam preparation for USMLE, there may be courses to assist with preparation. There may also be an organization that can assist IMGs with placement in a residency in the United States. Of course, as eveyone who has researched the IMG links from our site has noticed, the regulations vary a great deal from state to state in the USA, so it is important that people comply with the regulations in the state where they wish to live and practice medicine. Thus, prior to availing oneself of any residency service, one would need to be certain that the service provides for residency in the state where one wishes to practice medicine.


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Here is what I can say on the matter so far - there is no medical school in Serbia that a person can graduate from, get on a plane, and go to the United States and work as a licensed US Doctor.

That is true.

But on the other hand there is no medical school in the States that you could finish and immediately start working as a doctor. Every future MD in the States must pass Usmle examinations - both US graduates and IMGs.So that is pretty fair business. Although it is much easier for us med students to pass usmle because they are better prepared for that very hard exam.

Now please forget about preparatory courses in Belgrade .That has only one function to transfer money from your pocket to theirs pocket.

Only one preparatory course deserves to be mentioned .That is Kaplan Medical


You can see that their most expensive course is around 6000$ .So having in mind the weak $ you can go to that course in the States for less then 7000eu.

But you can prepare for USMLE without the help of fancy courses.Only hard work and a couple of $ for the books.

You have 2 options regarding books : either Kaplan lecture notes or major review books.

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You are surely a doctor with your attitude :rolleyes: Seriously, I am glad that you are here and answering some of these questions. Yes, I know that US doctors have to be licensed as well, but most medical students in the US are aware that this is at the end of the road. Young doctors here get really frustrated at the prospect of jumping through all of these hoops.

Now that we have you here on the forum, please share your experience. It sounds like you have first hand experience of the process and there is no substitute for that.

What do you think about the residency search service that I posted? Do you think that it can be helpful? We have several good reference books and State Department material in our library, but this is such a specialized track - Have you done most of your research on your own?

Do you have any idea on what the current situation is for IMGs considering the national interest waiver pathway? How do you feel about it as an option?

I have to say that I am not in complete agreement with you about the research option. I feel like it can be a kinder and gentler path for doctors that do not feel that they are really prepared yet. Of course, it is a trade off and not always in the individual's best interest.


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