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Hi to all!

Welcome to this forum which is intended for acquiring info about finance support of studies in the USA.

Feel free to ask any of questions you would like to know about this topic.

Kind regards,

Cosmo :thumbsu:

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I would just like to join the welcome note and encourage you to browse through this board, our web site and other resources and ask questions, exchange information and explore in general.

Also, please refrain from sharing the material that infringes copyright of authors and companies and do not share your private information in the public conversations. Every post containing potential copyright issues or private information will be modified/deleted.

If you encounter any issues with the board operations, please send me an e-mail to dragan@iacbg.org and I will respond as soon as possible. You can also send a private message right here at the board.


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Dear Visitors,

We are thrilled that our forum is back up and running after quite a battle.  Everything is here from the archives so that we did not lose our institutional memory.  However, I want to take this time to state there is one really big change.  As many of you may know IAC stands for International Academic Center.  Our team has built up very strong expertise in the area of U.S. Higher Education.  At the same time, we are also active with international education in general - attending conferences and making presentations.  So this forum is going to take a much more international focus for students no matter where they want to study - Serbia or abroad, full degree or certificate program, online, or other opportunities. 

In keeping with the culture of U.S. higher, we want to present students with an IAC forum that is based on being inclusive and all about education! 

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