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Couldn't find the "re: bgd stipendija" anywhere on this forum so I opted to write in this part. 

I was given info that I can ask here about PhD programs (fully covered) in USA in the field of philosophy and neurosciences. A sort of a multidisciplinary study. This way I would skip my masters. I am interested where should I look for a specific Universities, which ones would you recommend and what would be my process of applying?

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In all the excitement around the Scholarship Fair there was some break in communication, so you missed the critical piece of instruction. All the guests of ours at the Fair were given a chance to register for a special time slot of graduate advising on October 28 - all they needed to do was to send an e-mail with "bgd stipendija" in the title to receive registration form. It's still not too late for you to get that link and register for the event.

In your case, searching for multidisciplinary study would take a lot of explaining in writing, and we would advise to come to our session with adviser. This time of the year is the hardest for us with all the prospective students gathering all the resources and preparing to apply, and it would be easier to take your questions live.

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